Port Stephens Pelagic's Diary

The Port Stephens pelagics depart Nelson Bay Public Wharf at 7am. We encourage people to get there a little earlier so we can leave at 7. There is no set pattern to the trips (such as Sydney or W'gong), so punters would have to contact me directly to enquire.   The vessel ("MV Arbonaut") is a 36ft Steber that avergages between 7 to 8 knots over the sea. As the shelf is about 24 miles from the heads, it is about a 3 hour journey there (arriving about 1015). We usually have 3 hours at the shelf, then head back to port (arriving usually about 1630-1700, depending on the sea). We berley for most of the trip out and nearly all of the trip back, so we nearly always have birds behind the boat.   The cost is generally $100 (though that can vary depending on numbers, as the trip doesn't seek to make a profit).

For more information, please contact Mick Roderick email: mickhhb@yahoo.com.au
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